Free Layouts / Templates for TouchOSC & Lemur with Traktor Mappings

Take Control With Your Touchscreen

Check out our range of Traktor mappings and templates / layouts for the iPad / Android Tablet apps: TouchOSC, Lemur and Konkreet Performer.

We’ve also got a controller for iPhone and have started to make custom instrument / effect racks for Ableton Live.

Lemur Templates / Traktor Mappings for iPad


Super compact, easy to use controller. Now with full Remix Decks control.

TouchOSC Templates / Traktor Mappings for iPad & Android Tablet

Android Users: Note that these mappings should work with Android-based tablets and TouchOSC for Android. As long as your resolution is 1024 x 768 or above, they should display correctly in TouchOSC. Unfortunately however, we are unable to provide any kind of support just yet for any of these templates running on Android.

Remix Decks

Control two of Traktor’s Remix Decks with this fully functional template.


Popular template, great for beatmashing. Featuring jogwheels.


Add crunchy electric guitar and fat dubstep-like wobbles to your DJ sets.

Mashy 2

Mash and slice up your beats easily with this killer FX-based template.


The original beatmasher template. Easily slice & chop your beats.


Designed to keep all your important buttons / dials on one page.

TouchOSC Templates / Traktor Mappings for iPhone


Control Traktor from your iPhone! Based on Novation Dicers.


Add crunchy electric guitar and fat dubstep-like wobbles to your DJ sets.

Konkreet Performer / Traktor Mappings for iPad


Experimental mapping suited to beat-chopping, FX & glitches.


Create crazy dubstep wobbles and beatmash effects.

Maschine Templates / Traktor Mappings

Remix Decks

Full control of Sample Decks (C&D) with LED feedback

Ableton Live Instrument / Effect Racks


Generate wild scratch sounds in Ableton Live.


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