‘Choppy’ for Konkreet Performer updated for Traktor v2.6 & K.P. v2

Choppy - Traktor FX Controller Mapping for Konkreet Performer

Choppy gets an update

The Choppy mapping for Konkreet Performer and Traktor has just been updated to provide better performance and easier navigation for Konkreet Performer v2 and Traktor v2.6.

Using the new preset feature in Konkreet Performer v2, we’ve been able to add labelled nodes which makes performance a great deal easier (as you can now see exactly what you’re controlling on screen rather than just numbered nodes). We’ve also added bank names, making it much easier when navigating through the banks to find the controller you need.

There are now some Snapshots added to the FX Selection Bank, which load a variety of nice sounding effects combinations. It’s also really easy to store your own effects combos by saving snapshots on the FX Selection Bank.

The Traktor .TSI and the OSCulator .OSCD files have also been updated, so please ensure you reload / re-import these files when updating.

We’ve also updated the instructions on how to set everything up, so this should hopefully be a little less confusing now!

Read more & download Choppy.

Here’s Choppy’s Noise Generator Bank in action: