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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year from

Hello and a rather belated Happy New Year to all of you lovely people!

Well, the celebrations are long gone, the economy’s still rough and depending on where you live winter may have just set in properly too (it’s freezing in the UK at the moment!!). So by way of a cheery message, we just wanted to post a quick note regarding what’s coming up in the way of new projects for the next few months…

VST Host (Mac Only):

Stomp Boxes

First up, and due for imminent release, is a ‘stomp box’ style Mac app which will allow you to apply VST Plugin effects to your audio signal without the need to purchase an expensive host like Cubase, Ableton Live or Maschine. This means that all of those free FX plugins which are widely available can be used on Traktor’s output and synced automatically to its BPM.

Not only this, but via the use of free virtual audio cable software (such as Soundflower or Jack) you can route any / all of Traktor’s 4 decks to the effect. So even if you’re using your Mac’s internal audio you can route an effect to each deck separately.

Also built into the software is a MIDI learn function. This means that you can use your favourite MIDI controller to control the parameters on your VST effect. Each of the dials, faders and buttons on the VST can be instantly mapped to any controls on your MIDI controller quickly and easily. Naturally a TouchOSC and Lemur template are supplied so you can get cracking with adding cool VST effects to your DJ set straight out of the box!

There are quite a few free VST hosts available already but none we’ve found that can sync to a MIDI clock, accept multiple audio inputs and have a MIDI learn feature all in one go. So with any time-based FX for example, e.g., delay, you have to enter the BPM values yourself and try to sync it up. With this new (as yet unnamed) tool, however, you’ve got the ability to do all of this and with a minimal amount of fuss. All settings can be saved to a bank of presets so that you can store your favourite VSTs and control devices.

The first release will allow you to host one VST effect but plans are already underway for a multi FX host.

Lemur iOS Traktor Layout (iPad)

Lemur Tail Beard

It’s very exciting to see the recently released Lemur for iPad / iPhone. DJ Maurice Norris, founder of, was so excited in fact that he grew a special lemur tail beard to commemorate the occasion!

It’s in development at the moment (the template, not the beard!) and is a Lemur equivalent of the popular Jog On template for TouchOSC on iPad.

Look out for a release in the late Winter / Spring.

More tutorials (PC / Mac)

A couple of VDJ-related tutorials coming soon. These will focus on how to do set up your software (Traktor and Resolume) to perform ‘video scratching’. We’ll be showing you how to set up what DJ Woody, DMC ITF champion and VDJ pioneer, is demonstrating below (check out what happens at 1 minute in):

Ambient noise / soundscape generator (PC / Mac)

It’s early days with this yet and it’s no more than an idea on a piece of paper at the moment. Expect a strange and beautiful automatic soundscape generation app in the near future! As always, it’ll be designed to be controlled with a touch screen and will sync to a MIDI clock.

Final Words

It’s been a great first year for the website and we now have almost 5,000 members. With your continued support we hope to make 2012 a great year for and to continue to provide free tools and software for digital DJs.