DMC Online – Round 2 Winner: DJ Rasp

DJ Rasp - DMC Online Round 2 Winner

It’s nice to see some home grown talent in this month’s DMC Online winners. We have DJ Rasp and Loop Skywalker The Turntable Jedi, both from the UK.

A stunning and technically proficient display from both winners this month, but we’ll ask again, “Where is the controllerism, guys?”

Not one single controllerism performance was seen in the top ten this round. And, with the exception of Elroacholoco and DJ Prince Takahashi who both make nice use of Novation DIcers and FileSpnr who, quite impressively, does his entire set on a Numark Mixtrack, entries for round 3 are beginning to look very much the same.

We’re hoping that DJ Craze’s 2 minute routine to announce the launch of Traktor 2 will serve as inspiration for budding controllerists in forthcoming rounds. There’s plenty of use of timecode vinyl in use at the moment, but very few appearances of MIDI controllers or other devices.

Maybe this is just the way it’s going to be and we’ll have to resign oursleves to the fact that controllerism routines are going to be rare occurrences in this competition. That said, the online competitions are still giving turntablists from around the world a chance to display their skills which they wouldn’t normally have under the standard DMC rules, which is most definitely a good thing.

Anyway, we’ve made our point about controllerism. We’re happy to accept that this is the way things are and won’t keep banging on about it!

Round 3 is already underway with Round 4 starting on 14th April 2011. The favourite here so far is Dr Weevil who displays some nice beatjuggling and scratching skills: