DMC Online – Round 4 Winner: Shmeeze

DJ Shmeeze

Another two worthy turntablists make it through to the finals: DJs Shmeeze and Immortal.

Here are their winning sets:

A seemingly effortless show from American DJ, Shmeeze, with his ‘Superbad’ routine. This guy is slick! Again, no controllerism in the performance (and I’ve vented enough about that in previous posts, so won’t go there again!), but a nice, fluid display of beat juggling and scratching from this round’s winner.

Another American DJ takes second place this round, DJ Immortal. Shmeeze certainly has the technical edge here, which is what won it for him I would imagine, but Immortal delivers a much more exciting routine. Nice use of a MIDI controller to trigger samples and FX and an altogether more entertaining performance from this guy.

Round 5 is well underway now and voting ends on 12th May.