DMC Online – Round 1 Winner: Unkut


With DMC announcing last year that digital setups will be allowed for the first time in the competition, it’s an exciting time for digital DJs. Especially now that they’ve opened the doors to the online community. Anyone can enter, using any kind of equipment and from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is prepare a 2 minute set and you get the chance to contend in the DMC world finals with the rest of the world’s best turntablists.

Last month saw the opening of the first round of the online competition with round 2 now well underway.

It was an interesting mix of entries in the first round, ranging from the downright awful, bog standard, poorly rehearsed beat juggling sets to amazing routines which use digital equipment in new and interesting ways.

It would have been nice to see much more of this though. Given the fact that DMC allow ANY kind of DJ equipment in the online championships, it’s surprising that there weren’t more DJs using new innovative DJ techniques and tools. Still, with ten rounds left to go, there may still be a chance to see someone cutting up the theme to Sesame Street on a toaster!

Of the 69 entries in the first round, DJ Unkut certainly stood out above the rest of the competition. Technically, he’s almost perfect. He’s fast and original, but equipment-wise he’s only using Traktor and Maschine (Native Instruments). Again, in terms of inventiveness, this is nothing new. Yes, he’s highly skilled in a purely technical sense, but is this really what the DMC Online championship should be all about?

Still, it’s the website’s members that decide so he must be doing something right!

Perhaps more deserving of the title is American runner-up, DJ Anubus. Not quite as tight as Unkut, but much more original, entertaining and innovative in his style. He makes much better use of what timecode vinyl and a MIDI controller can offer. It’s particularly impressive seeing him create a wobbling dubstep bassline by looping a /32 beat sample, creating his own LFO and cutting it up. This is what the championship should really be about: inventiveness and originality.

Winners of round 2 are announced on 1st April. Remember to register on the DMC Online website and rate the round 2 entries.