DMC Online – Round 3 Winner: Ritchie Rufftone

Ritchie Rufftone

Another month, another set of winners, and another tale of success for a UK DJ.

Ritchie Rufftone is no stranger to success already, having made it through to the UK DMC finals several times now. He’s already been the Scottish DMC champion and was also winner of the scratching category in the Euro ITFs.

He’s been running in second place in the online voting, but the judges’ decision today finally swung it for him and he’ll be going through to the DMC Online finals in August.

Check out this excellent routine, showing both traditional scratching / beat juggling skills sitting comfortably alongside the use of digital equipment. Nice to see the old faithful Korg nanoPAD being put to use too!

Runner up this month is DJ Cordella. It’s a strong, fluid performance from the Italian DJ who also has a long history of prior DJ success.

He’ll be joining Richie Rufftone and the previous four winners in the finals.