Mashy for Lemur Update

Mashy for Lemur now updated to v1.2

Mashy for Lemur

Since the Traktor 2.6 update it’s not been possible to select the new Macro effects (such as Wormhole or Polar Wind) from the drop-down Effects menu on the Mashy for Lemur template..

This has now been fixed so that you can select from all of the new effects.

Amazing and complex as Lemur is, there’s a limit on how many items you can display in a menu (max 32), so we’ve just added a second drop-down Effects menu with all the new effects. Simply hold Shift and select whether you want the new or old effects from the buttons that appear. You can select old or new effects for each of the effect slots individually.

FX Selection

FX Menus

If you’re using Traktor 2.6, please download and reinstall the new template and Traktor TSI.

It’s been tested pretty thoroughly but if you encounter amy problems please let us know.

Download (Mac & PC):

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