Noise Unit Scratching – Konkreet Performer / Traktor / iPad

**Update** – Full mapping now available for download – Click here

I’ve been working on a new Traktor TSI for Konkreet Performer app (iPad) recently with fellow digital DJ, Khurag.

It’s going to be an 8 page, 4 deck dedicated FX controller for Traktor, with some very cool features. This is one of them:

The noise (produced by the Gater and Mulholland Drive effects, with High & Mid EQ turned up) can be modulated by various other effects.

The noise rate, modulation effect and effect selection are changed with nodes 1 – 3 on Konkreet Performer. Node 4 controls the filter.

Keep watching the website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for details of when this will be released.