Template Updates – New for TouchOSC 1.7

TouchOSC Traktor Template for iPhone - Dicey

All templates have now been updated to reflect the changes in TouchOSC v1.7 and can be downloaded from the TouchOSC Templates section of this website. They are completely free to download.

With the 1.7 update, TouchOSC now transmits MIDI messages as well as OSC messages, so there’s no need any more for 3rd party applications to convert the OSC messages to MIDI. So no more need for Osculator (OSX) or PureData (Windows) to get the templates working. This makes the whole process of connecting TouchOSC to Traktor so much easier as you’re now completely cutting out the need for a program to bridge the two. Mac owners can use OSX’s coreMIDI to send / receive MIDI to and from Traktor, and Windows owners can use the free rtpMIDI software.

If you’re updating from previous versions of the templates, please delete the original TouchOSC template from your iPhone / iPad as well as the Traktor mapping and download the new template. Just follow the installation instructions provided.