TouchOSC 1.8.1 Released

We’re really pleased to see yet another update for the amazing TouchOSC app for iPhone and iPad.

You can purchase / update TouchOSC from the App Store

Here’s the full list of new features:

– Added setting of control/child-control color with MIDI messages (new “c” var)
– Added touch y position velocity emulation option to Push-button controls
– Added MIDI message sending/receiving for Tab-pages
– Added custom OSC messages for Tab-pages
– Added “no rollover” option to Rotary controls to prevent jump from/to full/zero (default for all existing Rotary controls)
– Added LiveControl layouts
– Added additional control colors
– Changed resolution of Bonjour services to IP addresses instead of host-names
– Fixed Toggle-button received MIDI/OSC message value range behavior
– Fixed Multi-toggle MIDI Note message receive
– Fixed OSC size messages for Fader controls
– Fixed Rx/Tx indicator rendering
– Updated artwork (including support for the Retina iPad display)

The really exciting part is being able to now change the colour of buttons based on MIDI input. This means that buttons can now be given a particular colour depending on their current state. So, for example, hotcue buttons can now change colour depending not just on whether they’re set as a hotcue or not, but can change colour if they’re set as a loop, a load marker, etc.

This new feature should tie in well with the latest v2.5 update planned for Traktor which includes the ‘Remix Decks’ and a new controller: Traktor Kontrol F1, a 4×4 grid of multicolour buttons (the functions of which are not completely known yet). From the little information Native Instruments have released about this update, it would seem that the buttons on the F1 change colour depending on their state. All being well, this should be able to be replicated now in TouchOSC.

Expect a new template for TouchOSC / Traktor around May when the new version of Traktor is released to incorporate controls for the new remix decks.