TouchOSC 1.8 Update & TouchOSC Bridge

TouchOSC Bridge – Connecting just got a whole lot easier!

TouchOSC Bridge

A very important update to TouchOSC arrived today. There’s nothing really new in the app itself or the editor, but there’s been a massive leap forward in terms of connectibity with the launch of TouchOSC Bridge.

TouchOSC Bridge provides a one-click connection between computer and iDevice and puts an end to messing around with fiddly network settings.

This is especially good news for Windows users who seem to have the greatest problems when trying to connect their iPad / iPhone to their computer. It’s really handy for Mac users too, meaning you no longer have to set up a MIDI Network Session. On both machines, all you need to do now is just launch TouchOSC Bridge, open the connection on your iPad iPhone and you’re good to go.

Instant connectivity; we like a bit of that!

"Jog On" TouchOSC / Traktor Layout

Jog-On Template now included as standard

The other exciting news that comes with the new 1.8 update is that the ever popular Jog-On template is now an integrated part of TouchOSC.

It features alongside the other demo templates which come pre-loaded with TouchOSC, so you’re now ready to control Traktor with this popular controllerist-style layout straight out of the box!

Enough jibber jabber, show me the goods!

Update TouchOSC to v1.8 on your iDevice or through iTunes, as normal.

Download, install and run the new TouchOSC Bridge from the TouchOSC page on the Hexler website.

Once TouchOSC Bridge is running, open TouchOSC on your iPhone / iPad and open Settings. Select ‘MIDI Bridge’ from the Connections menu and ensure it’s enabled. You should see the name of your computer listed. Select it and you’re connected!

There’s more detailed info on how to connect via TouchOSC Bridge on Hexler’s MIDI Bridge Connection page.

Have fun with TouchOSC and your nice new solid network connection!