TouchOSC updated to v1.7 – New features

TouchOSC Traktor Template - Mashy v1

The greatest app in the world, TouchOSC, has just had quite an important update.

The main feature is support for CoreMIDI and Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer, meaning TouchOSC can now send and receive MIDI messages without the need for a separate program to convert OSC messages to MIDI.

All the templates available on this website will be updated soon to reflect these changes, as Osculator and Pure Data will no longer be needed.

On a personal note, it’s sad to see that OSCulator will no longer be needed (even through Wi-Fi, TouchOSC now connects through OSX’s own internal MIDI system, coreMIDI). It’s a great program and made converting OSC messages really easy, especially compared to the Windows equivalent, Pure Data). However, it’s good to see that TouchOSC is now able to send direct MIDI messages and thereby making it much easier to connect directly to programs on your Mac or PC.

It’s very good news for Windows users, especially those who’ve had the joy of converting OSC commands to MIDI with Pure Data and building huge maps! Windows users can now use rtpMIDI, a coreMIDI alternative, to connect TouchOSC wirelessly to their PCs.

Read all about the new update here: