Traktor / TouchOSC iPhone Template “Dicey” – Windows Release & New Features

Our recent iPhone TouchOSC / Traktor template, “Dicey”, based on the Novation DIcer MIDI Controller, has just been updated with some new features. A Windows version is also now available which includes all the files you need to get it working. The template works in both Traktor 1.2.7 and Traktor 2.

TouchOSC Traktor Template for iPhone - Dicey

What’s New:

  • Full MIDI feedback in Windows.
  • New FX Bank (select by holding shift & pressing FX button) with Gater, Flanger and Lo-Fi effects.
  • Fixed problem with Effect Unit buttons and effect presets not activating upon import.
  • Fixed problem with LEDs only lighting for Hotcue Markers.

Please see the TouchOSC / Traktor Template for iPhone page for more info and download links.