Choppy – Traktor Mapping for iPad Konkreet Performer

Choppy - Traktor FX Controller Mapping for Konkreet Performer

Dedicated Traktor FX Controller for iPad

Choppy for Konkreet Performer provides complete control over Traktor’s effects, and is a perfect addition to your DJ setup. It comes with a special mapping for scratch effects using a noise generator and some clever effect combinations.

Now updated for Traktor v2.6 and Konkreet Performer v2



  • Now updated for Traktor v2.6 and Konkreet Performer v2
  • Futuristic, powerful yet simple controller
  • Full control over 6 effects (3 on FX Bank 1 and 3 on FX Bank 2)
  • Special Noise / Scratch generator
  • Easily control 6 effects using only 4 fingers
  • Easily select and store complex FX combinations/li>
  • Freeze Delay (Fade to grey) efffect

System Requirements

System Requirements (Mac OSX):


Setup & Usage Instructions:

Network Setup:

We recommend you connect your iPad and Mac using an ad-hoc wi-fi network. To do this:

1. Click on your Mac’s Airport icon and click ‘Create Network’.
2. Select ‘128-bit WEP’ from the ‘Security’ menu and enter a password of your choice.
3. Click ‘Create’.
4. On your iPad, go to Settings > Wi-Fi, select the network you’ve just created and enter the password.
5. Open Konkreet Performer and double tap the ‘Settings’ button (in the top right corner of the screen). In the ‘Out’ enter the IP address or network name of your Mac. Ensure the Out Port is set to 10000.
6. On your Mac, open Applications > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup. Click on the menu bar and select Window > Show MIDI Window. Double click the Network icon and you should see the name of your iPad appearing in the Directory list. Select it and click ‘Connect’. You should now see ‘MIDI Session with…’ appear on your Konkreet Performer settings screen next to ‘WLAN:”.

Konkreet Performer Setup:

Choppy now comes with its own Konkreet Performer preset files. Each Node is now labelled to make things easier when navigating and performing.

Please ensure you’ve updated to the latest version of Konkreet Performer. And, if you haven’t already done so, download the Choppy files from the Download section on this page.

Here’s how to load the Choppy presets into Konkreet Performer:

1. Connect your iPad to your Mac (by USB cable) and open iTunes.
2. In iTunes, select your iPad and click the ‘Apps’ tab.
3. Under the ‘File Sharing’ heading, scroll down the Apps list until you see ‘Performer’.
4. Click the ‘Performer’ icon and you should see a list of files appear in the ‘Performer Documents’ area to the right. These are the default Bank and Snapshot files for Konkreet Performer. We need to replace these with the presets for Choppy.
5. It’s best to first make a backup of the default presets by selecting all files and dragging them to a folder on your desktop. Keep this safe in case you ever want to load the original presets again.
6. Delete all files EXCEPT for GlobalSettings.xml.
7. In the Choppy download you’ll find a folder called ‘Presets’, open this and drag and drop the FILES (not the folder) into ‘Performer Documents’ in iTunes.
8. Sync your iPad.
9. Open Konkreet Performer and you should find that each Bank has a title and all Nodes are labelled accordingly. Each bank has a simple ‘reset’ snapshot. Bank 8 (FX selection) has 4 Snapshots available for various effect combos.

OSCulator Setup:

1. Open OSCulator and load the .OSCD file you’ve just downloaded.
2. Check the ‘OSC Input Port’ is set to 10000.

Traktor Setup:

1. Open Preferences and click the ‘Import’ button.
2. Browse to the TSI file included in the Choppy download files.
3. A popup window will appear. DO NOT UNTICK ANY BOXES. Just click ‘OK’.
3. Click on Controller Manager and ensure that the ‘In-Port’ is set to ‘OSCulator Out’.


Choppy consists of 8 Banks which you can cycle through by pressing the Bank buttons in the upper left corner of Konkreet Performer’s main screen:

Bank 1 – FX control for Deck A
Bank 2 – FX control for Deck B
Bank 3 – FX control for Deck C
Bank 4 – FX control for Deck D
Bank 5 – FX control for all Decks
Bank 6 – Noise Generator
Bank 7 – Freeze Delay Effect
Bank 8 – FX Selection

We recommend that you first cycle backwards and forwards through all Banks to ensure that Traktor loads all the correct settings.

Bank 1 – FX Control for Deck A

Bank 1 Unit 1 Node = Traktor FX Bank 1, FX Unit 1 On (hold) / Amount (distance from centre)
Bank 1 Unit 2 Node = Traktor FX Bank 1, FX Unit 2 On (hold) / Amount (distance from centre)

The relative distance between these two nodes controls Traktor FX Bank 1 Unit 3 (effect turns on and increases when distance between nodes is 60% or greater)

Bank 2 Unit 1 Node = Traktor FX Bank 2, FX Unit 1 On (hold) / Amount (distance from centre)
Bank 2 Unit 2 Node = Traktor FX Bank 2, FX Unit 2 On (hold) / Amount (distance from centre)

The relative distance between these two nodes controls Traktor FX Bank 2 Unit 3 (effect turns on and increases when distance between nodes is 60% or greater)

Ribbon (X Axis) = FX Banks 1 & 2 / Wet Amount

Bank 2 – FX Control for Deck B

As above

Bank 3 – FX Control for Deck C

As above

Bank 4 – FX Control for Deck D

As above

Bank 5 – FX Control for All Decks (A, B, C & D)

As above

Bank 6 – Noise Generator

Gater Node = Noise Generator (Gater) On (hold) / Amount (distance from centre)
FX Node = ‘Secondary’ effect On (hold) / Amount (distance from centre)
FX Select Node = Cycle through effects for the ‘Secondary’ effect (distance from centre)
Filter Node = Filter On (hold) / Amount (distance from centre)
Ribbon (X Axis) = High & Mid EQ Amount

Bank 7 – Freeze Delay

Deck A = Deck A Freeze Delay On (hold)
Deck B = Deck B Freeze Delay On (hold)
Deck C = Deck C Freeze Delay On (hold)
Deck D = Deck D Freeze Delay On (hold)
Ribbon (X Axis) = Freeze Delay Rate

Bank 8 – FX Select

There are 6 Nodes in this bank. Each Node corresponds with each FX Unit for Traktor FX Banks 1 and 2. Slide each Node to / away from the centre to browse through all of Traktor’s effects.

Use the 4 Snapshot buttons on the far left of the screen to choose from various predefined effect combinations. The other 4 Snapshot buttons are left empty for you to add your own effects combos.

Demo Video

Demo Video:



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The download contains the Traktor .TSI file, the OSCulator .OSCD file and Presets & Snapshots for Konkreet Performer.