Mashy – Lemur Template / Traktor Mapping for iPad

Mashy - Lemur Template / Traktor Mapping

Now with full Remix Decks control!

Mashy for Lemur gives you amazing control over almost all of Traktor’s features. You get instant access to beatmashing, looping and effects as well as simple, intuitive control over loop recording and Remix Decks.

“The best [Traktor] template currently available” –
Winston Ray, DJ Tech Tools


What’s new in v1.3?

  • Full control of Remix Decks: load, capture, trigger & delete samples across all 64 Cells
  • Added Flux Mode buttons for all Decks
  • Major update to Prepare page for track and Remix Decks editing
  • Switch between Decks A & C and B & D independently
  • Minor GUI fixes / changes


  • Assign loops or Loop Recorder contents instantly to empty Sample Cells
  • Large pads for easy hotcue juggling
  • Select FX from drop-down menus
  • Instant control over FX for all 4 Decks
  • Full support for Traktor’s new Macro Effects
  • Fader ‘Cut’ button for quick cuts
  • Intuitive control of 2 decks and 2 Remix Decks
  • Special ‘Prepare’ page for easy track cueing / marking
  • Hotcue, Beatmash, Beatslice and Looping modes.
  • Shift key provides dual functions for many controls
  • Easily apply additional effects while beatmashing or Hotcue juggling
  • Full Loop Recorder control

System Requirements

System Requirements (PC & Mac):

  • Traktor Pro 2 – Around £60 / $89 from Native Instruments
  • iPad – Around £400 / $500 from Amazon
  • Lemur – Around £35 / $50 from iTunes
  • Lemur Daemon – Free – Download ‘Lemur Installer’ to install
  • Lemur Editor – Free – Download ‘Lemur Installer’ to install


Setup & Usage Instructions:

Installation: OSX and Windows

IMPORTANT! Ensure you have installed all the programs listed in System Requirements and that you’re using the latest versions.

– Connect Lemur to your computer. Use the video guides on the Liine support page for instructions on how to connect to your Mac or PC. If you’re connecting to Traktor on a PC and you’re using Virtual MIDI Ports, eg., LoopMIDI, make sure you use separate ports for MIDI In and MIDI Out.

IMPORTANT – You must connect through WiFi MIDI or USB MIDI on Daemon Channel 0.

– Load the template into Lemur. Use the video guides on the Liine support page for instructions on how to load a template.

– Open Traktor and open Preferences. Click the large ‘Import’ button at the bottom of the screen and browse to the downloaded .TSI file.

– You’ll see a popup window. Ensure everything is left ticked. The effects will not work properly otherwise.

– Open Preferences > Controller Manager. In the ‘Devices’ drop-down menu, you should see two pages. Ensure that for each of these the In-Port is set to Daemon Input 0 and the Out-Port is set to Daemon Output 0.

– The template will open in Lemur on the Prepare page. Press the ‘Perform’ button to load the effects for the Performance Panel and Stop effect. You should see the effects, BEATM, SLICER and TTFX loaded into FX Units 3 & 4. It’s important that these specific effects are loaded for the Performance Panel functions and the Stop effect to work. If you don’t see these effects loaded, just import the template again and everything should work OK.


Page 1 – Perform

Mashy for Lemur

Page 2 – Prepare

Mashy for Lemur

Controls in more detail

NOTE: Anything written in Yellow means that the Shift button needs to be held down to access this feature. Anything written in green is just for information (and not a control).

EQ / Vol / Filter Modes

EQ Panel

FX Panel

FX Selection

FX Menus

Loop Recorder

Mixer Panel

Deck Select

Performance Panel

Remix Deck Panel

Transport Panel

Preparation Page



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Traktor 2.6.2 Template (with full Remix Decks control)

Traktor 2.6 Template (features full access to the new Macro FX)

Traktor 2.1.3 Template (use this if you’re using an older version of Traktor 2)


“What surprised me was how using Lemur with a feature-packed mapping like this can really turn your iPad into a live performance device that pulls multiple actions and effects, often nestled deep within Traktor’s intermediate-level mapping system, out into the open and in front of you.”

Joey Santos – Digital DJ Tips

“The best [Traktor] template currently available”

Winston Ray – DJ Tech Tools