Scratchy for Ableton Live

Scratchy - Ableton Live Instrument Rack

Add wild scratch sounds to Ableton Live

Scratchy for Ableton is an Instrument Rack based on the standalone Scratchy instrument and is used to create scratch-like rhythmic sounds.

It’s made from white noise (generated by Operator) fed through a gate, low pass filter, LFO and various effects. The timing on the filter / LFO can be changed to create rhythmic variations which, when fed through the gate, create something akin to scratching.



  • Create perfectly-timed scratches and rhythmic noises
  • Easy to use controls
  • Drop it into your DJ sets or productions in seconds
  • Bitcrusher and Saturation effects to dirty up the sound
  • Stereo Width control for fattening up your sound

System Requirements

System Requirements (PC & Mac):

  • Ableton Live


  • MIDI controller
  • Instructions

    Setup & Usage Instructions:


    Download, unzip and drag into your Instrument Rack folder in Ableton Live.


    Press any MIDI note to activate.

    Freq – The base frequency of the filter
    Q – Filter resonance
    LFO Rate – The rate of the LFO / Filter in note lengths
    LFO Amt – The ‘width’ of the LFO
    Gate – Rate at which the noise is gated
    Crush – Adds a bitcrusher effect
    Drive – Adds drive
    Width – Adds stereo width

    Demo & Tutorial Video

    Demo & Tutorial Video:



    Scratchy Download (right-click, save as)