Wobbulator – Traktor Mapping for iPad Konkreet Performer

Wobbulator - Traktor Mapping for Konkreet Performer

Add crazy dubstep wobbles to Traktor

Wobbulator mapping for Traktor & Konkreet Performer allows you to create a bassline from any sample or track, add a wobble using an LFO and play along in time with your track.

What touchscreens were made for!



  • NEW! KP2 MIDI Mapping now works with Windows – OSCulator no longer required
  • Futuristic, powerful yet simple controller
  • Mangle your wobble with Lo-Fi, Overdrive, Ring Modulator effects
  • Control Delay, Reverb, Beatmasher and Flange effects on Deck B

System Requirements

System Requirements (Mac & PC):

  • Traktor Pro 2 – Around £60 / $89 from Native Instruments
  • iPad – Around £400 / $500 from Amazon
  • Konkreet Performer – £14.99 / $24.99 from iTunes
  • Osculator – Only required if connecting using OSC – Free Demo or €14 for full version


Setup & Usage Instructions:


UPDATE: Konkreet Labs have made a Wobbulator MIDI mapping for Konkreet Performer, which means you no longer need to connect through OSCulator. Download it here: http://konkreetlabs.com/presets/

Ensure that your iPad and Mac/ PC are connected to the same network. It’s recommended that you connect via an ad-hoc network. For detailed guides on how to connect Konkreet Performer with your computer, please visit the Konkreet Labs suport page.

Konkreet Performer Setup:

Enter your computer’s IP address or Network Name in the ‘Out’ section.
Check the Out Port (>) is set to 10000

You can connect using MIDI or OSC.

OSC Setup:

Open OSCulator and load the .OSCD file you’ve just downloaded.
Check the ‘OSC Input Port’ is set to 10000

MIDI Setup:

New in Konkreet Performer v2 is the ability to transmit MIDI messages instead of just OSC. Download the MIDI template for Konkreet Performer here: http://konkreetlabs.com/presets/. Follow the instructions on the Konkreet Labs website for how to connect through MIDI: http://konkreetlabs.com/getting-started/

Traktor Setup

Open Traktor, go to ‘Preferences’, then ‘Controller Manager’. Click the large ‘Import’ button at the bottom of this screen and browse for the TSI file you downloaded. The ‘In-Port’ at the top right hand corner of the screen should be set to ‘OSCulator Out’ if you’re connecting using OSC and the name of the method you’re using to connect via MIDI if you’re connecting using MIDI.


The 4 nodes on Konkreet Performer control the following:

Node 1: Deck A Wobble Amount
Node 2: Deck A Wobble FX Control
Node 3: Deck B Beatmasher
Node 4: Deck B Delay, Reverb, Beatmasher and Flange effects

Control it with 4 fingers (2 for Deck A and 2 for Deck B).

Demo Video

Demo Video:



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